In 2024 the Australia Institute is celebrating its 30th anniversary as Australia's leading think tank - that's 30 years of big ideas

For 30 years the Australia Institute’s independent, non-partisan research has played a critical role in shaping Australian public policy for the better.  

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Some of our recent achievements include: 

  • Playing a critical role in the Federal Government’s decision to redesign the Stage 3 tax cuts to deliver an additional $84 billion dollars from high income earners to low- and middle-income earners over the next ten years, the culmination of five years of Australia Institute research and advocacy 
  • The announcement of no less than six different inquiries into prices and price-gouging, following our influential research exposing how excessive corporate profits were largely responsible for driving the lion’s share of the burst of inflation that followed COVID lockdowns.  
  • The establishment of the National Anti-Corruption Commission, following a decade of research and advocacy from the Australia Institute exposing the serious flaws and gaps in our integrity system. 

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The Australia Institute is not funded by political parties or corporate partnerships. We are powered by donations from philanthropy and by thousands of supporters across the country who value research that matters. 

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