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kunanyi/Mt Wellington is one of Tasmania’s most treasured places, with over 500,000 people (local, interstate and international) visiting the mountain every year.

Preserving kunanyi’s natural, cultural and recreational values is important to the community, as is providing infrastructure that allows people to visit and enjoy the mountain safely and without causing damage.

Traffic congestion, parking shortages and a lack of affordable public transport options are some of the most urgent challenges for the mountain. A private cable car has been proposed as one solution, but it is an expensive solution.

A much simpler, faster and easier option is to invest and improve the existing access infrastructure at kunanyi. 

A highly disturbed former quarry site at Halls Saddle (on the junction of Huon Road and Chimney Pot Hill Road) has been proposed as a car park and shuttle bus hub for visitors to kunanyi to improve access, particularly at peak times. Ideally located, this cleared site at the base of the mountain is one kilometre to Fern Tree along the Pipeline Track and a 40 minute walk to The Springs.

Council generated this idea, but progress has stalled.


More information: https://www.hobartcity.com.au/Projects/Current-projects/Halls-Saddle-A-gateway-to-kunanyiMt-Wellington

To Hobart City Council,

We, the undersigned, call on you to support the urgent development of the Halls Saddle car park and a regular and affordable shuttle mini-bus service to improve access and reduce congestion. These initiatives should be part of a broader integrated plan for sustainable visitation and the management of impacts on the natural and cultural values on the mountain.

We request Hobart City Council to:

  • Finalise and approve plans and fund the Halls Saddle Hub parking area and other road improvements in the Fern Tree area
  • Implement a shuttle mini-bus service, especially to maintain access when Pinnacle Road is closed to general traffic
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