Politics in the Pub: Fracking Our Future

Tue, Aug 08, 2023 7pm AEST Verity Lane Market

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All Australians concerned about global heating should know about fracking in the Northern Territory, and the Australian Government’s role in it.

The Australian Government is playing a key role in enabling NT fracking, spending well over $1.5 billion of taxpayer's money subsidising a petrochemical and gas export hub in Darwin Harbour to create demand and export infrastructure for fracked gas from the Beetaloo Basin.

Just one proposed NT fracking project would add over a billion tonnes of emissions to our atmosphere, as the world is on the brink of irreversible catastrophic climate tipping points.

The International Energy Agency, United Nations and scientists around the world are calling for an end to all new fossil fuel investment. There are also serious concerns over the health impacts of both fracking and petrochemical processing on local populations.

Recently ninety-six leading Australian scientists and experts signed an open letter pressing for fracking to be banned in the Northern Territory due to its unacceptable climate impacts. This was followed by over 300 health professionals agreeing fracking must be banned due to its health impacts.

Join us for a Politics in the Pub featuring Senator David Pocock, Independent Senator for the ACT, Dr Monique Ryan MP, Independent member for Kooyong, leading Northern Territory paediatrician Dr Louise Woodward, and executive director of the Australia Institute, Dr Richard Denniss.


Dr Monique Ryan is the Independent member for the Federal electorate of Kooyong. She stepped away from her former role as Director of Neurology at the Royal Children’s Hospital and won her seat in the 2022 election with messaging for urgent action on climate change, pushing for a transition to renewables and calling for a need for integrity in politics.

Senator David Pocock is the independent Senator for the ACT. After campaigning with the support of over 2,200 Canberran volunteers, David became the first ever Independent ACT Senator at the 2022 Federal Election.

His ambition is to put politics back into the hands of the people, to represent Australians who care about climate and integrity, and to advocate for the community he loves by working on the issues that Canberrans care about most.

Dr Louise Woodward is a leading NT paediatrician at the Royal Darwin Hospital and the Darwin Private Hospital. 

Louise started Darwin Children’s Clinic to centralise healthcare and paediatric services for children of all ages. Louise wants to improve the care of all children in the Top End through advocacy, medical education and the provision of high-quality service.

Dr Richard Denniss is the executive director of the Australia Institute, a prominent Australian economist, author and public policy commentator.

Verity Lane Market is open for drinks and dinner from 5pm. Please come early to enjoy delicious foods from authentic and diverse vendors, as well as a finely curated list of wines, beers, and cocktails.


Tuesday, August 08, 2023 at 7:00pm - 8pm AEST


Verity Lane Market
50 Northbourne Ave
Sydney Building
Canberra City , ACT 2601
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