Politics in the Pub NT: Gas. The Facts

Tue, Oct 24, 2023 6pm ACST Darwin Railway Club

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We hear a lot about the benefits of big new gas projects, but in reality, gas industry jobs and profits often come at the expense of jobs and businesses in other industries.

There are also serious health concerns. In June this year over 300 health professionals signed an open letter calling for fracking must be banned in the NT due to its health impacts.

With a wave of gas mega-projects, including fracking in the Beetaloo Basin, Santos’s Barossa project and the Middle Arm petrochemical hub proposed for the NT, this forum will examine health and economic impacts of gas development in the NT.

Cut through spin and find out about the real economic and health impacts of big gas projects in the NT.

How many people does the gas industry employ in the NT?
How many jobs would big new gas projects provide, and who would get them?
How much does the gas industry pay in taxes and royalties?
Which industries and jobs will be crowded out by new gas projects?
What happened to local communities in Queensland who went through the onshore gas boom there?
What pollution does the gas industry cause, how harmful are they and will they affect you?

We will make every effort to include a representative of the Northern Territory Government to hear their view on their important issue.

NT Government ministers invited to speak:

  • Chief Minister Hon Natasha Fyles, unavailable.
  • Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Mining and Industry, Hon Nicole Madison, unavailable.
  • Hon Eva Lawler, Treasurer, Minister for Mining and Industry, Minister for Territory Development  awaiting response.
  • Hon Lauren Moss, Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water Security, awaiting response


Dr Louise Woodward is a paediatrician who has been working in the Northern Territory for over 12 years after completing her training in Melbourne. She works in the public health system as well as at the Darwin Children's Clinic. She has spent her career advocating for better health outcomes for children in the Territory. As the gas industry expands in the NT, she has become concerned about the toxic effects of fracking and gas processing on the health of Territorians, as well as the health impacts of climate change.

Mark Ogge is Principal Adviser at The Australia Institute. He is widely published on climate and energy issues, specialising in the gas industry and the impacts of climate change, particularly the effects of heat and heatwaves. He also takes The Australia Institute’s research to regional communities across Australia, particularly those most impacted by the expansion of the coal and gas mining. Prior to joining The Australia Institute he was a director at Beyond Zero Emissions.


Tuesday, October 24, 2023 at 6:00pm - 7pm ACST


Darwin Railway Club
17 Somerville Gdns
Parap, NT 0820
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